Friday, 12 December 2008


Previous couple of weeks, I spent collecting, annotating and summarizing material which I found interestin and inspiring for my project. I have started narrowing down the focus into researching diptychs and their use.. Looking at work of other artists gave me a valuable insight into issues around diptychs and also it has inspired me in many cases.

My aim is to use my images to provoke audience to ask questions. I want to challenge them. I know that my work must be visually interesting enough for them to be bothered to think about it, question it or even to look for answers / meanings in it.

 I have decided on my project's working title : 'Diptychs'. So far, there is very little outcome of it, as I have just made first experiments with portraits which I had shot for this project. I have combined various images together creating visual games. 

One of the ideas which I will be developing further, is combining a portrait of a person with his thoughts written on a paper... Images of both will be displayed side by side influencing each other and reading of the diptych.