Saturday, 31 January 2009


In the past few weeks, I put a lot of effort into my own practice. I needed to focus primarily on picture taking. I stopped reading as much as I did in the previous months, and I started to use the theory for my practice. I have been traveling across Poland and Slovakia a lot, and I took couple dozens of interesting images that I already started to pair up. 

I divided my interest into couple of themes which I will be working on, before deciding on one, for the Major Project. 

1. Inspired by D.Roussel, 'The Places I Live In"
    - photos of places from outside and inside perspective 
    - space transition, looking at one place from different space positions at one time
    - juxtaposing space ( outdoor/indoor)

2 . Inspired by R.Gibson, "Overtones"
     - taking photos (creating diptychs) according to their shapes, forms, geometry
     - concentrating on formal similarities
     - paying attention to tones - shade/ light  

3. Objects evoking positive / negative emotions 
     - creating emotional juxtapositions

4. Negation of composition vs Des-integration of composition
     - dead pan style images juxtaposed to precise studio shots
     - dead pan  (pattern, landscape, chaos)   vs  studio (one object as a central motive)

5. Empty spaces vs used spaces
     -focusing on one space portrayed as used on one side, and as empty/abandoned on the other 
6. Other unclassified scenes and objects that interest me
    - with preferably social, environmental or cultural theme

This list is not final and it is a subject to change. 

In the following weeks/months, I will be traveling a lot, taking pictures of different places which I will then adjust for pairing (resize, dust removal, pushing contrast in some cases). 
I will be mostly using 35 mm camera for the street shots, and medium size camera (6x6) for the studio/dead pan shots.