Monday, 6 April 2009

April - Two Faces

Out of previously mentioned themes that interested me... I have decided to narrow down the focus into creating the diptychs that explore two faces we all have. I will take no side in commenting of the situation in which we are, or in which we had previously been. This work is becoming personal as I myself am two faced, which will be explored through the picture selection and through the composition technique. The work will focus on people - urban landscape, traditions, religion... 

I would like this body of work to create layers of meaning and metaphors that refer to both current and past experience. 
I will be using techniques that I explored earlier, although will keep it simple and I hope readable. 

image 1.

image 2.

image 3.

image 4.


After I spent couple of weeks exploring the techniques to create photomontages, I came to the point where I need to start thinking about the concept/theme for the project. I have already chosen couple of issues which I followed up so far although I need to narrow down the focus now. 

I have done some brainstorming, searching for the aspects that interested me most about the status quo of countries I had been exploring. 

 possible themes of interest: merging of cultures (change)
    icons (juxtaposed)
    identity (traditions, habits)
      people (contemporary)

-one technical adjustment which I will do to my work, is removing the images from the frame... They will be left frameless, with no divider between the images. This way, emerging of the images will be emphasized even stronger. They also create one reality instead of the two previously created when framing was used. When images are seen this way, they find new meanings and context in the place of their exhibition because the surrounding will eventually have created the frame in which the diptychs are seen.