Monday, 9 March 2009


In the past few weeks, I have been collecting new images (from the Czech Republic trip).
I have also started to experiment on images I already had or acquired recently. I created diptychs which I then cut, painted over, made collage with or adjusted on the computer. 
I have visited a couple of exhibitions - solo exhibition of Matej Vakura in Zilina (photography, 
instalation), group exhibition KEBABB in Zilina (fine-art, design, video, photography, instalation)  and Charity exhibiton in Prague (photography).

I have also looked into some works of Hiroshi Sugimoto, Martha Rosler and John Baldessari
(not directly influencing the major project).

The examples of changes (experiments) I made to the diptychs.

computer alteration (color, shapes)

Computer alteration (geometry)

Computer alteration (composition)

Computer alteration (multiplying)
Computer alteration (copying, pasting)
Manual alteration (cutting, pasting)
Computer alteration (collage)
Manual alteration (hand coloring)
Manual alteration (hand coloring)

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